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Who We Are

Who We Are

Welcome to Armadillo Industrial Supplies. Armadillo Industrial Supplies is the industry leader in the distribution of pressure seal, mailing, data destruction and digital print finishing solutions. We have superior products and an unparalleled level of service. Our dedication comes from a deep desire to help solve your problem and we feel fully prepared to serve your professional needs.  We are located in The Dripping Springs Texas but we offer free shipping to any state on the continental Us.


With our decades of experience in retail management, customer service management, and consultation expertise, we are able to familiarize ourselves with the equipment and services that we offer, so we can assess your unique situations from a perspective that is needed, while building a successful working relationship with your team.

We have assembled our catalog by partnering with world-class vendors. We understand and appreciate that you have questions to qualify your needs. Our team is trained and prepared to satisfy your queries through phone or email. Contact us ! We promise to be upfront with you through every interaction, so you feel confident as we stand behind our portfolio of brands and services.


Creating value for you is essential to us. We strive to qualify the best and most reliable vendors to serve you. We have also developed our business to have the least impact on your budget, with cost-cutting tools, such as Free Shipping and no sales tax, (outside of Texas).

You will enjoy our free shipping, as well as low cost Lift Gate, Inside Delivery or ‘White Glove’ installation. We understand that the job isn’t finished until your needs are met, so our customer service team stays in communication with you until your delivery is complete.

Because we’re not a typical brick and mortar store, we can focus solely on customer service and savings. With the business model we have built, we eliminate the potential of stagnant and dusty units that might sit in warehouses for an unknown amount of time. The equipment we sell is always up to date, and current with industry standards, and up to your expectations. Our logistics office is based in the Woodlands, Texas

Our Goal

Our goal is to treat you like a member of the family. We want you to let us know if we can make your transaction better. We understand that your current project  is priority one, and we appreciate that you are considering Armadillo Industrial Supplies as part of your solution.