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Data Security, Erase the Magnetic Slate - Degaussing 101

By Rob Heri October 31, 2023

Degaussing is the process of reducing or eliminating the magnetic field in a magnetic storage device, such as a hard drive. The primary purpose of degaussing is to erase (or neutralize the magnetic data) stored on these devices. This process is essential for data security, and data disposal.
In simpler, non-techie terms - Degaussing is a method of permanently erasing data from working and non-working hard drives, tapes, and floppy disks. Degaussing completely sanitizes the media of data in seconds by delivering a powerful magnetic pulse that instantly destroys all magnetic domains on the disk platters.
Degaussing equipment available at Armadillo Industrial is recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) as an approved method of hard drive sanitization, degaussers on NSA’s Evaluated Products List have been sanctioned for the elimination of Top Secret data.  Data sanitization by degaussing is important for all classifications of data. Degaussing prevents sensitive information on decommissioned hard drives from being stolen, sold, leaked, and misused.
Some Commonly Used Applications for Degaussing:
  • National Security - Degaussing (with destroying) is the only method approved by the NSA (National Secuirty Agency) for the destroying of Top Secret and Classified information.   Government agencies and organizations that deal with classified information use degaussing to safeguard national security by preventing data leaks through improper disposal of magnetic media.
  • General Data Secuirty - data centers, hospitals, schools, and corporation are rely on Degaussing to erase the sensitive data on their obsolute and outdated hard drives.  When organizations need to dispose of or repurpose old hard drives, magnetic tapes, or other magnetic storage media containing sensitive or confidential information, degaussing is employed to ensure that the data cannot be retrieved, reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • Save the Earth (Recycling) - no need to fill up landfills with hard drives that can be repurposed after degaussing.  Degaussing is used in the recycling of magnetic storage media. By erasing the data on old devices, these media can be safely refurbished and reused without the risk of unintentional data exposure.
Benefits of Degaussing
  • Complete data elimination in seconds
  • Effective on working and non-working hard drives
  • Clean (produces no dust or debris)
  • Quiet (can be used in an office environment)
  • Cost-effective (uses less labor and energy than overwriting or shredding)
  • Easily performed in-house with existing personnel
  • Environmentally friendly (uses little energy and is recyclable)
Degaussing is the cleanest, most cost-effective, and efficient method of data sanitization. After degaussing, the data is not recoverable and no longer exists, leaving the media safe for recycling or disposal. Degaussing a hard drive is recognized by the NSA and DoD as a secure data destruction method.
Degaussing equipment available at Armadillo Industrial Supply generates a powerful, alternating magnetic field that, when applied to a magnetic medium, disrupts the alignment of the magnetic particles, effectively erasing any data stored on it. The magnetic particles on the medium become randomly oriented, making the data irrecoverable. Degaussing is different from traditional data deletion methods like formatting or overwriting, as it ensures complete and permanent erasure of the information, leaving no traces behind.
Top Degaussers
If you are looking to be compliant with NSA and/or DoD strict data destruction standards make sure to check out the hard drive destroyers available at Armadillo Industrial.  NSA and DoD standards requires both degaussing and destroying.
Top Hard Drive Destroyers
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