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Importance and Best Practices - Data Destruction

By Rob Heri October 24, 2023

Armadillo Supply feels everyones data should be treated as valuable personal currency. Armadillo Supply also believes there is another aspect to data handling that needs to be considered: data as a liability. Having your data fall into the wrong hands can be incredibly damaging to you and your team, which is all the more reason to have a sound and secure data destruction policy.
Armadillo Supply - Data Destruction
Data destruction is a critical aspect of information security and privacy management. It involves permanently erasing or rendering data unreadable, ensuring that sensitive or confidential information cannot be recovered or misused once it's no longer needed. Here are the importance and best practices for data destruction:
Importance of Data Destruction:
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Reduces the risk of data breaches, identity theft, and fraud by making it difficult or impossible for unauthorized individuals to access or recover sensitive data.
  • Legal Compliance
    • Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), require organizations to implement proper data destruction practices to remain compliant.
  • Privacy Protection
    • Data destruction is essential to protect individuals' privacy. It ensures that personal and sensitive information is not accessible to unauthorized parties.
  • Reputation Management
    • Proper Data Destruction helps maintain an organization's reputation. Mishandling data can lead to public relations nightmares and loss of trust.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    • Safely disposing of data also includes proper disposal of physical media. Save the environment
Best Practices for Data Destruction
  • Degaussing
    • Best overall solutions for Data Destruction with a Degausser
    • Degaussing a hard drive uses a powerful magnetic field to demagnetize the disc plates on the device. This process effectively erases all of the data stored on the drive. Degaussing not only removes all data from a hard drive, but it also removes the original start-up files from the factory, so that the unit can never be used again. The hard drive is left effectively toast!
    • Degaussing does not work on SSDs, because SSDs do not use magnetic fields to store data like traditional hard drives do. Running an SSD through a degaussing machine will not destroy the device or the data on it. For destroying SSDs, shredding is recommended in order to physically destroy the device beyond the possibility of repair or recovery.
  • Shredding
    • Best overall solutions for Data Destruction with a Shredder
    • According to many in the information security field, including the US National Security Agency (NSA), shredding of HDDs is not the best method of destroying information contained in the drive. This is why the NSA, the world’s recognized leader in cyber security, requires that its Top Secret and above data residing on HDDs that are non-functional or obsolete be either degaussed or incinerated. To be compliant with the worlds recognized leader (NSA) in data destruction choose from the following NSA Degaussers.
    • Using a hard drive shredder allows you to be visually certain that the entire hard drive is destroyed and can never be used again. After shredding a hard drive, you can be certain that the data once on it can no longer be recovered. Shredding the drive leaves it in little pieces!
  • Destroying
    • Best overall solutions for Data Destruction with a Destroyer
    • Can be equipped to destroy both SSD and HDD
    • Unlike the other two options - degaussing and shredding this final option simply destroys the drive. Not into little piece, no magnetic fields just a destroyer. These machines will bend, crush or sometimes even punch holes in the hard drives. Although simple it is also effective, and the preferred final step among the worlds recognized leader (NSA) in data destruction. According to the NSA Top Secret Data needs to be Degaussed and Destroyed
Check Out this Amazing NSA Approved Degauss, Destroy and Recycle Package. These package deals will help you be compliant with the leaders in data destruction while helping you keep your cost down. Armadillo Supply is here to help with all your Data Destruction needs.
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