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Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter: Top 5 Benefits for Your Business

By Randy Green October 18, 2022

Among the several types of paper cutters available, heavy-duty guillotine paper cutters are considered the most efficient. They help you perform tasks much faster and save time and the extra workforce.

An upgrade from a level guillotine paper cutter to a heavy-duty will certainly pay off, which we’ll prove by discussing its benefits.

Today, you’ll learn:

  • How a guillotine cutter can boost your productivity
  • How guillotine cutters can increase your business’s profitability
  • Types of guillotine paper cutters available on the market
  • Where to find printing and finishing equipment that suits your needs

Let’s discuss the benefits of investing in a heavy-duty guillotine paper cutter.

1 - Cuts Stacks of Paper at Once

stack of paper on a guillotine cutter

Unlike basic paper cutters, which can only cut one sheet at a time, a heavy-duty guillotine paper cutter can cut multiple sheets at once. This can be between 360–1000 sheets depending on the machine’s specifications.

The thickness of the paper will also determine how many sheets you can cut at once. Printing paper sheets, for example, have an average thickness of 0.1 mm, while invitation cards are a little bit thicker at 0.2–0.5 mm.

This means more printing paper sheets can be cut at a time than invitation cards by the same machine. 

The Formax Cut-True 15M Manual Guillotine Cutter, for instance, cuts stacks of up to 2.36” high, which translates to an average of 590 paper sheets or 170 invitation cards.

Since guillotine cutters cut numerous sheets quickly, you’ll have more time to work on extra projects, which will increase the productivity of your company. It’ll also reduce the turnaround time, which will build credibility and trust with your customers.

2 - Gives You a Clean and Precise Cut

Not only will a guillotine paper cutter cut multiple sheets at a time, it’ll also give you an accurate cut with clean and straight edges every time, thanks to the following features:

  • An automatic clamp, which holds the stack of papers securely, ensuring they don’t move during the cutting process
  • A high-speed hardened steel blade that’s long-lasting and ensures a crisp and clean cut every time
  • A spindle-guided back gauge that enables the operator to make fine adjustments when setting the cut size
  • Calibration scales that help the operator set the correct cut size without the need for extra measuring tools
  • A laser line that shows the operator exactly where the cut will be made, which allows them to make fine adjustments for accuracy

An accurate paper size is easier to print on and produces polished work that’ll also leave a good impression and keep your customers coming back.

3 - Ensures Safety of Your Employees

Formax Cut-True 29H Hydraulic Guillotine Cutter

A guillotine blade is designed to be extremely sharp and exert a substantial amount of force for a quick and accurate cut. However, this also makes it dangerous since the quick and forceful action of the blade can easily cause injuries to the operator.

To prevent injuries, heavy-duty guillotines have several safety features that comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines:

  • Blade guard: Manual guillotines have a blade guard that covers the blade and ensures the user's hands are away from it. They also include a mechanism that prevents operation when the blade guard isn’t in place.
  • Infrared light beam: Automatic guillotines have an infrared light beam near the working area. This prevents operation when the beam detects any obstruction that can come from the operator's limbs.
  • Two-hand button operation: Semi-automatic and automatic guillotine cutters require you to press two buttons during operation. The buttons are more than 1 ft apart to ensure the hands of the operator are engaged and away from the blade during operation.
  • Key lock: Automatic guillotines have a key lock that locks out unauthorized personnel from operating them.

To protect your employees, every Cut-True Guillotine Cutter comes with one or more of the safety features listed above. This additionally shields your company against claims of compensation for accidents at work.

they help you to perform the task

4 - Cuts Different Types of Material

A guillotine cutter uses a hardened steel blade to make cuts. The hardened blade is tough enough to withstand pressure without breaking or bending, which makes it ideal for cutting materials of different thickness.

The guillotine blade also moves at a high speed, so no creases or marks are left on the material. Some materials a heavy-duty guillotine cutter can cut include:

  • Cardboard
  • Poster boards
  • Mat boards
  • Foam mounting boards

Since the guillotine can cut a wide range of materials, you can confidently accept more orders for materials of varying thickness. This will lead to an increase in sales revenue without any additional equipment costs.

5 - Gives You Value for Your Money

A heavy-duty guillotine paper cutter is reliable since it's built to last using high-quality parts. The blade and blade carrier are made using steel, which is one of the most durable metals and doesn’t corrode easily.

The sturdy, all-metal stand offers stability for precise cutting while supporting the weight of the guillotine cutter and any stacks of paper placed on it.

Cutting sticks are also economical since they can be rotated up to four times before replacement.

These high-quality parts will guarantee your guillotine cutter is productive and durable. You’ll also save money over time since you don’t have to frequently repair or replace parts every few years.

Another way a heavy-duty guillotine cutter will save you money is in efficiency. A guillotine cutter works accurately and produces less paper waste than basic paper cutters.

The following table compares the efficiency of a heavy-duty guillotine cutter with that of a basic paper cutter.

Guillotine Cutter Basic Paper Cutter
Cuts at least 360 sheets at the same time Cuts at most 25 sheets at a time
Less paper waste with accurate cuts More paper waste with inexact cuts
Requires only one operator to cut numerous paper sheets Requires more workers to increase the number of papers cut
Can cut a wide range of materials Cuts only thin materials like paper and film
Crisp, clean, and accurate cuts Inaccurate cuts with rough edges

Types of Guillotine Paper Cutters

Formax Cut-True 31A Electric Guillotine Cutter

Here are the three main types of guillotine paper cutters depending on their source of power:

  • Manual guillotine cutters are operated manually by pushing a hand lever.
  • Hydraulic guillotine cutters use liquid fluid power to make accurate cuts.
  • Electric cutters use an electrically powered motor during their cutting operations.

Armadillo Industrial Supplies offers these three main types of heavy-duty guillotine paper cutters to suit different needs.

To determine the best guillotine cutter for your business, consider these factors:

  • The number of sheets your company cuts daily
  • The width of the materials being cut
  • Time spent running the machine
  • Equipment’s safety features
  • The cost of the equipment

The following table compares three guillotine cutters to help you decide which best suits your needs.

Formax Cut-True 15M Manual Guillotine Cutter Formax Cut-True 31H Hydraulic Guillotine Cutter Formax Cut-True 29A Electric Guillotine Cutter
Cuts stacks of up to 2.15” high Cut stacks of up to 3.94” high Cut stacks of up to 3.15” high
Cuts paper up to 16.9” wide Cuts paper up to 28.7” wide Cuts paper up to 20.5” wide
Has a transparent cover that works as a safety guard Has dual-button action and an infrared safety curtain Electronic two-button operation and an infrared safety curtain
Doesn’t allow programmable jobs Allows up to 100 programmable jobs with 100 steps Allows 100 programmable jobs
Budget-friendly Premium pricing Moderately priced

Get Your Printing and Finishing Solutions From Armadillo Industrial Supplies

Armadillo Industrial Supplies offers a wide range of printing and finishing solutions, including Cut-True Guillotine Cutters.

Our guillotine paper cutters are also available in manually operated, semi-automatic, and fully automated models.

Manual and semi-automatic operated machines are good options for small businesses, which don’t cut many sheets of paper. Fully automated machines, on the other hand, are best-suited for larger businesses that cut vast amounts of paper daily.

Contact us today, and our attentive customer support team will help you select a guillotine cutter that suits your needs.

Customer service is outstanding. We live in a world where customer service is an afterthought. Armadillo has exceeded my expectations. Ryan, Armadillo Customer

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